Mr. Naresh Mehta, Director on the board advises on the R&D efforts at Texel Industries Limited. He has a strong technical background having vast international experience in the field of Polymer Science, Geosynthetics & Technical Textiles.

Texel’s R & D activities are aimed at applications engineering where the company’s products are optimized for non-traditional applications. A host of innovative products have also been developed aimed at specific applications.


Geomembranes :

Texel has developed Geomembranes which are multilayered as well as reinforced. They are used as liners for ponds, canals, resources and river embankments.

Roof Tile Underlay :

Synthetic membranes placed under roof tiles help prevent water seepage, but caused by condensation. Texel has developed a unique strong Roof Tile Underlay membrane with special fibers that absorb the condensation under the membrane.

Pile Liner :

Texel has developed a Pile Liner that prevents neck-in of piles and negative spin friction, and protects the piles from soil chemicals. It costs a fifth of the price of traditional steel liners and is extensively used in the coastal regions of India.

Fumigation Covers :

Texel has developed fumigation covers for long term storage of grains that can be used over several fumigation cycles. The covers are highly resistant to the fumigant but have a high level of fumigant retention.